About The Minute Method



  • The Minute Method teaching offers you this time-honored, protected practice that is now being revealed. It is a revelation for a generation whose time has come and who is ready to receive. There is a presence within the awareness of your Spiritual Heart Center that the world cannot comprehend.
  • From its conception to its birth, the Minute method has traversed an interesting path. It all began in 1973. I had my first transcendent experience. For ten years, I traveled the world studying with Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu masters.
  • Subsequently, for more than thirty years I have taught individuals and groups a twenty-minute, twice a day, Spiritual Heart Center practice. During this time, I began to observe that it was apparent even those who had a limited time and chose to practice twice a day for only one-minute were realizing awareness, balance, and contentment in their daily lives—all direct benefits of the practice.
  • It is a subtle, calming minute that allows you to move effortlessly into the silent awareness of your Spirituality. It is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • The Minute Method teaching is one of “undoing.” You are being guided to undo many years of negative conditioning with the least amount of effort.
  • Most important, you will come away knowing that there is something more inside of you that you didn’t know existed so that you can consciously connect to and access it to realize your full potential.
  • The Minute Method practice (also known as M&M, because it is sooo sweet to you) is a life changing method of awareness that may allow you to realize your full potential.
  • The Minute Method slowly, carefully, and lovingly connects your inner reality to your outer physical life. The intent of the Minute Method teaching is to firmly establish you in your spirituality. The Minute Method is an easy method of awareness practice that you can quickly learn. You may tap into the place where your true nature is awaiting your awareness.
  • The Minute Method practice cuts to the chase in leading you to realize your full potential. It is a practice for you who have an interest in responding wordlessly in solitude, simplicity, and silence for one-minute, twice a day. As a path to the recognition of your indwelling spiritual Heart Center, the Minute Method may connect you with infinite power and profound rest.
  • The Minute Method teaching gives you the time, energy, and money saving practice so that you have the opportunity to go within to that stillness where you may attain greater inner strength to overcome the difficulties of the outer world. Seek it. Go for it! Email contact: charmcarla@gmail.com