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The Minute Method Book 1: It’s Life Changing! Realize Your Full Potential.

You are reading this. Why? Are you just curious? Whatever the answer is, you did not just happen upon it. You want something. You have heard a call, and you are responding to an invitation. Spirituality can be realized, enabling you to live a life of balance, joy, and contentment. It merely comes down to quickly and easily accessing your Spiritual Heart Center. Discover your Spiritual Heart Center, and in doing so, know the secret to fulfilling your potential.

The Minute Method Book 2: Workbook. A Companion To The Minute Method Practice.

How does this workbook figure in the Minute Method Practice? The topics presented are an accumulation of teachings in response to serious individuals on a spiritual journey working through regular, ordinary, human crises. They may repeatedly be read for wisdom, reassurance, guidance and support.

The Minute Method Book 3: The Essentials – A Quick Study Guide

The Minute Method Essentials is a quick study guide for those on the run who long for a spiritual life. Everything you need to wake is included. If you are a quick learner, disciplined, and devoted to your determined purpose to become aware of your God-self, you have all the necessary tools to forge ahead.

The Minute Method Book 4: At The Foot Of The Guru – Stories

When Carla was a young truth-seeker traveling around the world visiting monks, gurus, Buddhist masters and Christian teachers, all had stories to share.  The stories were used much like parables in Scriptures. They were interesting and sometimes funny, but always carried an inner message, a message that usually turned on a light in the eyes among the many students who sat at the foot of the Guru, or other teachers. The stories are a gift that may often relieve anxieties and warm hearts.

The Minute Method Book 5: The Three Of You – You Are Never Alone

This book is all about you. It is written for you who seek a better understanding of who you are. Your life is like a three-legged stool – consciousness/soul, mind, body- and its seat is that which holds it together, the One Consciousness. You must learn to balance your consciousness/soul, mind and body. This is an opportunity for you to get acquainted with the three of you, and the One Consciousness. The Minute Method practice is a gateway to accessing the One Consciousness, and this book explains why you can never be alone.

The 4th Chakra: Your Spiritual Heart Center – How To Quickly Access It

The books is written to help you realize your reality and to understand yourself and others better. After all, we are all connected at the deepest level of our true nature. This is for those of you who wish to venture beyond the ordinary and discover insights, realizations and guidance from the center of your being.

A Diet For The Soul: Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

In A Diet For The Soul there is no weighing, no counting calories, and no avoiding carbs. It prohibits buying into a fraudulent idea of yourself. It may effectively promote the necessary confidence for you to be yourself. Take a journey and discover the diet that has a minor investment with major returns. Receive a bonus, and realize your divine gifts, and the joy of being you.

A 30-Second Meditation For Teenagers

This book is written for you in your teenage years who may be struggling with your sense of identity. The intent is to provide an inner path that may allow you to realize that safe place within you. You may have many challenges. This is a special time in your life, and A 30-Second Meditation For Teenagers is here to help you navigate the challenges with the help of your Spiritual Heart Center.

How To Love You: Begins With You

How to Love You: Begins with You, explores who you really are. It allows you to get to know who you are and always have been for all eternity. You are shown how to get acquainted with “you,” the physical and the mystical. It is an inner journey that informs you on what you are, who you are, how many parts of you there are, and how you are put together. It is your opportunity to go within to realize “you” and how to love “you.”

Climate Change: Consciousness Change

This is a one-of-a-kind solution to transforming yourself, along with your own living space and the world. Climate Change: Consciousness Change is offered for the welfare of the environment and your health. It is backed by more than forty years of a practice which has been shared with many groups and individuals.

Eco You: A Power Of One

Eco-You: A Power of One is offered for the welfare of your health, your life and for the environment. If individual consciousness within a Nation is not stirred, the National collective consciousness becomes stagnate. It must be stirred. In a chaotic world, The Minute Method is a solution to what ails you and the environment. It could make the difference to your health and in your life. Choose The Minute method. It’s a minor investment with major returns.

Racism: The Pain Of Invisibility

This book is in part about my having to come to terms with racism. it is written from a real life experience. This Nation did not work through its racial issues of the sixties. It became complacent with the limited progress it had made while it moved on to what was considered other more pressing issues. However, moving on only puts an issue in arrears until it can catch up and reemerge with greater force. It has reemerged. Where does a Nation go? Where can a Nation hide from itself? Nowhere, absolutely nowhere.

The Transformation: Change Of Heart

Guns and Guts: The Courage to Act

Inspired by the young peoples’ movement “Never Again” and the “March for Our Lives.” The very young and teenagers’ display of love and guts to rise and take on the politicians and the NRA emphasizes courage of the highest order. Guns and Guts: The Courage to Act is a contribution to you young people’s profound, elevated, and far-reaching actions to be involved in saving lives. You need to understand what you are facing and the traps and snares that await you. This book offers you tools that may be used to shore up your resolve. Included is a review of your Spiritual Heart Center and the Minute Method Meditation. The Minute Method Meditation may assist you to continue your journey for gun reform and beyond. All are presented to help support you brave young soldier civilians on your inner and outer journey of changes. It is hoped that what is written here will help prepare and sustain you for the encounters along your inner and outer journey for heart and gun reform.

A 30-Second Meditation For Seniors

Realize your spirituality, that safe place within you where the meaning of age is beyond words. Regardless of age, the oneness of your reality is within you awaiting. Included is a review of your Spiritual Heart Center and a 30-Second Meditation Method that is an easy, quick practice requiring the least amount of time and effort.

Exit: Get Ready, Set, Go

This work came about because of my own coming of a certain age. I am often being asked by friends and relatives, “Are you ready, are you prepared?”
I am hoping that this work will help you to understand and realize who and what you are. This way you too may be prepared for your Grand Exit. Included are a review of the Spiritual Heart Center and The Minute Method Mediation. These may help you to prepare for beyond a grave.

Death Ain’t Dead: Empty Graves

Death Ain’t Dead: Empty Graves is written to explore your spiritual nature thoroughly. Understanding your spiritual life may allow you to understand better the possibility of “death ain’t dead.” You are and always have been beyond a grave. This world may hold you captive to the belief that your life ends in a grave, not true. It is hoped that what is written here will encourage you to begin your inner journey to the realization of your eternal life.

Meditation: Good For You

From its conception to its birth, the Minute Method meditation has helped individuals of all walks of life. Subsequently, for more than forty years I have taught individuals and groups meditation. During this time, I began to observe that those who chose to practice one minute twice a day were realizing awareness, balance, and contentment in their daily lives, all direct benefits of meditation. It became apparent that those individuals with limited time could benefit from a meditation that was supported by an awareness of the Spiritual Heart Center.

Common Decency – Your DNA

This work came about because of the state our Country (USA) is in. Not from wars, invasion, or threat of nuclear power. There is a much graver state than any nuclear power could cause. Yes, losing our lives is grave but losing our souls, that is an eternal nuclear blast. Read this, and you may learn something about yourself. Be open to change for your sake and the sake of a Nation that is on life support. Included are reviews of the Spiritual Heart Center and the Minute Method Meditation. I hope that these may help reveal your innate courage to rise and become that savior who is so desperately needed.

Detachment Realizations

The Detachment: Realizations gives an understanding of the role attachments plays in your daily life. It tracks detachments from the lowest state of consciousness to the finest vibratory state of the One Consciousness. The Minute Method is a secular practice available for you who wish to learn to meditate and travel a direct path to your Spiritual Heart Center-your “other heart” allowing you to practice detachment.

Motivation: Self-Motivated

If you are one who pays big bucks to listen to motivational speakers, this book is written for you. You may become an aware self-motivated individual? You may find the word “God” used in these pages. The Minute Method practice does not rely on any one concept of God or any particular religion. The truth of your being is realized beyond words and beyond dogma. Words can be like locks on a door if you get caught up in them. If any particular term raises offense within you, sit with it lightly. Let the profound power of the Minute Method Practice and you’re Spiritual Heart Center self-motivate from within, beyond words.

Consciousness – Yours

Consciousness: Yours may help you to become a more alert and aware being of your many states of consciousness. You are more than meets the eye. Consciousness: Yours invites you on an inner journey from your beginnings in consciousness. It covers your journey from your descending to your ascending, round trip. Your spirituality in consciousness may be realized with a meditation practice. A review of the Spiritual Heart Center, the Minute Method, and the Minute Method practice may help you to realize your states of consciousness.